About Us

Philmont Country Club

In nineteen hundred and six, Mr. Ellis Gimbel and several of Philadelphia’s captains of commerce and industry came together to form a country club dedicated to golf, baseball, tennis and the pursuit of happiness through social interaction. They built two fabulous golf courses, a dozen tennis courts, a swimming pool and a sprawling clubhouse. Through their efforts they formed a family of friends that made Philmont a home away from home.

In the early years, baseball was the most popular activity at the Club.  Three Philmont baseball teams played twice a week through the season.  Games were arranged with clubs from Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Chicago.  Ellis Gimbel's first gift to the club was a beautiful baseball diamond with seating for interested fans and uniforms for the team.

Through the 1920's Polo replaced baseball in the hierarchy of Philmont Sports.    At the inception of the Club, equestrian was made available to the members.  Many members rode out on horseback for there was a commodious stable on the Philmont grounds. 

Philmont Country Club embraces the ideals of greatness that our Founders had, and we continue to strive for the satisfaction of its members and guests today.

In 1907, Ellis Gimbel stated "If the young man in business asks now and then for an afternoon in the country, neither he nor his employer is the loser in the better health and keener intellect he brings to his business duties". In 1909, he stated that "Philmont Country Club is here to stay and grow. It has become, in truth, an integral part of our routine. No movement has been inaugurated in our social life of this or the last generation, that has been so productive of good. The Philmont Country Club has been a powerful factor in effecting a decided change in the life of our young people, and in no less in the life of our men and women....". Today, this report still could be said to describe our club.

Starting out with 9 holes of golf, we now have 36 holes of golf and 10 Har-Tru outside tennis courts, an Olympic sized swimming pool and multiple areas with many types of food and beverage.